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A O Show

One of the unique elements of A O show is its bamboo props inspired from tools used in daily routines of Vietnamese.
Among all different materials, bamboo has been chosen as the key material, due to its notable economic and cultural significance to Vietnam. Bamboo can be found almost everywhere in the countryside. A typical traditional Vietnamese village is always surrounded by thick bamboo hedges. Bamboo is used as building, home decorating materials, household product materials and food source (bamboo sprouts).
In A O, bamboo represents for the youth, flexibility, straightforwardness, unity and beauty in spirits of Vietnamese people.
Although bamboo is popular in daily life, it takes a while to transform bamboo tools into stage props.
A O team spend two months to brainstorm, experiment and create short performances with many bamboo daily tools such as fishing boats, poles, volleyballs, vender handles.
Those shortlisted, was then, going through steps of redesign and reconstruction. For instance, fishing boats were strengthened from the inside to support the weights of performers. Surface of every tool is smoothened and specialized polished in order to avoid cuts to performers’ hands and feet. The end product must meet all requirements from aesthetic, safety, durability, authenticity and functionality.

The Mist 
A story of original life,
Nebulous and surreal, the morning mist is rendered in rustic colors, of ordinary day in their ingenious life. Days rise and wane over sunlit fields. Nights are woven from the dreams of rice. On black mud, rice plants stand and thrive, tenacious roots deep-seated underneath, indicate the strength and determination of Vietnamese farmers. Inside each humble rice is an invincible power bursting into life, that has permeated Vietnamese souls. Rice is life, the essence, the devotion, the predestined love ties in the culture of Vietnam.
The Mist utilizes minimum props but they are all symbolic daily working tools in the countryside. As rice is a crucial part of farmers’ life, there must be on stage rice trees and rice beads. Then religious life is visualized through the image of enormous spiral incense, monk’s singing bowls and drum sets. With simple touch of design and colors, costume of the show is inspired by normal work clothes of farmers, monks and the significant Vietnamese traditional dress.

SHOW TIME: 18:00 - 20:00

Prices & Services:
Zone Aah! (A) Ooh! (O) Wow!(W)
Ticket rate $28 $47 $67

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